• Steady Surveillance

    Steady Surveillance

    Wherever we go, whatever we do, we are never alone. Cameras spying, phones tracking, liberty rights restricted. How much freedom we trade for safety?
  • Preserving Traditions

    Preserving Traditions

    Traditions are worth to be preserved in all their beauty of being behind the times. Once gone they will be lost forever. Some damage is final.
  • Living Nostaligia

    Living Nostaligia

    Balancing respect for grown historic living space with modern influence is delicate. A healthy portion of nostalgia can prevent from destruction of charming environments.
  • Stoned Monkeys

    Stoned Monkeys

    The daily dose of reality sometimes is hard to deal with soberly. Obviously it's not just us humans suffering, but also the "things".
  • Respecting Cultures

    Respecting Cultures

    Religion is reason for intolerance and wars. Is religion not thought to make lives easier? Accept variety, live tolerance, welcome all religions.
  • Communication Hub

    Communication Hub

    Once contact point of communication between Christians and Muslims, now victim to an extremists war. The desert monastery Mar Musa dates back to biblical times.
  • Veil of Infinity

    Veil of Infinity

    Lifting the veil of the unknown will lead to more cognition. Walk beyond, look beyond, think beyond.
  • Ancient Science Fiction

    Ancient Science Fiction

    Pharaohs had spared no expenses for arts and temples. Their meticulousness has lasted thousands of years. Modern structures last a few decades.
  • Blending In

    Blending In

    Mosaic on the wall, mosaic on the spectators. Vivid colors and patterns all over. The over-sized piece of art shows a former Arab gigantism dreamery.
  • Meditation in Motion

    Meditation in Motion

    Twirling dervishes dancing in faith, circling round and around and around, loosing contact to here and now. Ascetic dancers are called wise and knowledgeable.

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Based in Venice, Italy, specializing in international travel and location photography. Large scale prints for company and gallery exhibitions, travel stories for media and corporate publishing. You have a project in mind? Contact me:

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Mankind loves to believe in the value of progress.

Destruction gives place to new.

New often mistaken for better.

Nature, monuments, traditions – nothing sacred.

No questions. No balance.

Today’s Holy Grail is money.

Emotions and senses vanish.

Lost vocabulary: dignity, respect, preservation.

Priceless universal goods are traded for profit.

Temptations plentiful.

Consequences ignored.

Our grandchildren will hold us responsible.

Acting today impacts the future.

We shall better conserve.

We shall better take care.

Irreversible destruction is everlasting.

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+39 3394588166
Cannaregio 2086/A,
30121 Venice, Italy

Cameras, lenses and all accessories are tools for creating visions, not more and not less. No need for fighting religious wars on brands. Each tool has pros and cons in handling and capabilities. The following selection simply reflects my personal preferences, suiting my photographic workflow, style, and philosophy. Above all this top-end equipment ensures producing commercial quality results. An extract:






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